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Tapstack 101

Tapstack is all about helping to connect you more deeply to those you care about. Our one-tap app lets you easily share - and save - real moments from your daily life in a way that’s spontaneous, authentic, and fun. Stay connected with your close family and friends to share a special moment, keep them updated or to just let them know you’re thinking about them.
Your Tapstack account is linked to your personal phone number, which is used to ensure that you’re the only one who can open your messages. Allowing Tapstack access to your contact list helps you to find friends and family who are already using the app.
A Tap is a photo or video of up to ten seconds that’s simultaneously shot and sent in one simple action: tapping the profile picture of one of your friends.
Your grid is the area on the main screen, just below the live camera viewfinder, where all of your friends and family are. To send a Tap, simply tap on the profile pic of someone in your grid. You can edit your grid, by clicking ‘Edit’ on the bottom left of your screen and dragging your friends onto the pages and spots that you prefer them in.
To send a photo, just tap the profile picture of the friend or group you want to send it to from your grid. With one tap, the photo is both shot and sent to them, simultaneously.
To send a video, just hold your finger down on a profile pic, instead of just tapping, and a video of up to 10 seconds is recorded, and sent right when you lift your finger.
You can instantly switch between the front and back camera by double tapping the viewfinder area on your main screen or tapping the “rotate” icon 🔄 on the bottom right of your camera viewfinder.
Before sending a Tap, you can add text, drawings or emojis to it, by tapping on the sketch icon on the bottom right of the camera viewfinder on the Tapstack home screen. Just write your caption or create your drawing and tap “Done” to return back to the main grid screen.
If you want to send the same text/emoji caption or drawing with multiple friends or groups, you can do some by first writing your caption or creating your drawing and then tapping the “lock” icon in the upper right hand corner. You can then send a Tap to one friend, and your caption or drawing will remain on the screen for the next Tap and so on, till you tap the “X” icon to wipe the screen or the “unlock” icon.
After sending a Tap you have 3 seconds to cancel it, in case you’ve made a mistake or sent an accidental Tap. To do so, tap the ‘Cancel Send’ button the appears at the top of your screen right after you send a Tap. If you Tap is sent off before you can hit the Cancel button, you can always go to the set of Taps you’ve sent in the last 24 hours under “Sent Today” in your menu. You’ll see a set of the Taps you’ve sent and you can tap any of them to see it in full screen view. In the upper right hand corner are three dots (...) - if you tap it you’ll see a quick menu from which you can select the “Delete” option. Now we can’t guarantee that a Tap you cancel in this way is canceled before your friend or group has seen it. That depends, of course, on how soon you attempt to cancel it after you’ve sent it.
On the top right corner of the main screen is an inbox icon. When you have a new Tap waiting for you, you’ll see a red badge icon indicating the number of friends who have sent you Taps. Click this icon or badge to get to your Activity page - a screen where you can view incoming Taps, quickly reply to friends you’ve received Taps from, and see the status of Taps you’ve sent.
You have two options when you open a Tap:
Swipe it away to the left or right or tap “Next” in the upper right hand corner - this effectively erases it and brings up any Taps remaining in the stack you’ve received from your friend or group.
Tap the heart icon in the bottom right corner of the Tap you’re viewing to save it to an album of saved Taps shared between you and the sender. This album can be found under ‘Saved Taps’ on the main menu. Once a tap is saved, you can feel free to swipe ahead to the next Tap you’ve received.
Click on the heart icon on the bottom right of any incoming Tap to permanently save it to a shared album of saved Taps - this album is shared between you and the sender.
If you’d like to see our handy tutorial again, you can select “Reset Tutorial” from the Help section of the Menu.


Your Profile

Go to the menu icon in the top left of the home screen, tap the “My Profile” section, and choose ‘Update Profile Picture.’
Go to the menu icon in the top left of the home screen, tap the “My Profile” section, and choose ‘Update Display Name.’
Go to the menu icon in the top left of the home screen, tap the “My Profile” section, and choose ‘Update Phone Number.’


Sharing Taps with a Group

Think of a Tapstack group kind of like a group chat - by adding different people to one, singular group, it’ll be displayed in your grid in one square, allowing you to send Taps to everyone in the group, with just one Tap.
Tap on an empty square in your grid, to pull up the menu for adding a friend or group, then tap ‘Create Group’ and follow the steps to set one up. Everyone you invite to the group will be notified that they’ve been added to it.
The only person who can add or remove Group members is the person who created the Group aka the “Admin.” If that’s you, go to the main menu, tap “My Groups”, tap the relevant Group and choose between “Add Members” or “Remove Members”. Otherwise, you can tap “Suggest new members” to suggest friends or family to the admin for him or her to consider adding to the group.
Go to the main menu in the top left of your screen, tap “My Groups”, and select the group that you want to update. Here you can “Edit Group Name” or “Edit Group Picture”.
Go to the main menu, tap “My Groups”, select the group that you want to leave and tap “Leave Group.


Miscellaneous Questions

Yep! Tapstack has an offline mode, which means you can take pictures and record videos even when you don’t have Internet access - it’s pretty handy when you’re traveling abroad or trying to conserve your data plan. Once you’re connected again the Taps will automatically send.
If you’d like to mute notifications for a specific friend or group, you can tap them from either the “My Friends” or “My Groups” sections of the menu and select “Mute.” Or you can mute a friend or a group from the Activity page you view from the inbox icon on the main screen.
To enable the app to use your location, tap the location icon in the viewfinder. Or, you can go to Settings within the Tapstack menu and toggle on the Location setting.
Tap the map at the bottom of a Tap to make it fullscreen and see how far apart you and your friend are in the world.
If you’re viewing a Tap video (at work), bring your phone to your ear and the video will switch to audio only mode through the phone’s earpiece. Even if the sound of your phone is turned off.
Zoom in by sliding your finger vertically down the camera view, and when you want to zoom out again move your finger back up