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By providing the most lightweight way for people to reach out, Tapstack brings a new level of intimacy to already close relationships

SAN FRANCISCO, March 30, 2016 -- Today, Tapstack announces the launch of its one-tap moment-sharing app for iOS and Android, intended for use by anyone interested in taking their relationships with friends and family deeper, even across time zones.

Similar to a polaroid camera, where you take a picture for someone on one end, and it's instantly and automatically delivered to them on the other end, Tapstack lets you share Taps with those you care about. A Tap is a photo or video of up to ten seconds that's both shot and sent, simultaneously, in one super-simple action: tapping the face of one of your contacts. It's an entirely new interaction model - and with no filters to add or previews to check, Taps are a spontaneous and fun way for people to stay in touch.

Unlike other apps like Snapchat, users can actually save incoming Taps to their Stack - a shared album of saved Taps - and even after just a few weeks of saving Taps to their Stacks, users already have a very unique document of the 'conversation' between them those they Tap with. They can also create small groups to send a Tap to multiple people at once, a feature also not available on Snapchat.

Taps can be photos or videos with the camera facing outwards, but they can also be one-shot selfies, as well. When a person sends one, however, it isn't about capturing a perfect, social media-worthy image. It's far more about sharing genuine moments from everyday life with someone close.

Tapstack refers to this new kind of communication as 'moment-sharing,' and sees itself in the space of 'personal media' - something in between messaging and social media. While messaging is meant for coordinating logistics or engaging in a real-time back-and-forth conversation, moment-sharing neither demands an immediate response, nor the use of words at all. Similarly, Tapstack sees a difference between itself and how people share on social media.

"A certain kind of intimacy and authenticity is lost when we share filtered images with the widest audience possible," says Onno Faber, Tapstack's CEO. "With Tapstack, though, it's quite the opposite. Users know that the Tap they receive was created exclusively for them - and it actually serves to build intimacy."

While meant for a general audience, the app is especially well-suited for people in long distance relationships, expats and those studying abroad, new parents and their extended families, non-custodial parents and their children, military families with members deployed overseas, grandparents and grandchildren, as well as any closely-connected people across time zones who can't manage to regularly sync up via phone, but want to stay in regular contact.

"That's the most exciting part of our product - the capacity of Taps, over time, to actually deepen relationships, " says Faber. "It isn't just about consuming media, it's about creating a personal connection. And while this deeper bonding isn't something people experience their first few times using the app, once they start tapping on a regular basis, they'll experience the benefits of Tapstack, very clearly, for themselves."

About Tapstack

Founded in 2014, Tapstack is a one-tap moment-sharing app that lives in the space between messaging and social media. With the ability to instantly share real photo and video moments from their daily lives with one easy Tap, our users love how our product helps them to connect more deeply with those who matter most to them. For more information, please visit www.tapstack.com.